A messy or chaotic office makes it difficult to get anything done. It’s amazing how much a little organizing can improve your productivity and profits. My small business services include de-cluttering and organizing any area in your office.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Free initial 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your organizing needs.
2.  An onsite needs assessment to get the details.
3.  Hands-on organizing of specified area(s) in your office, such as:

Office areas
Customer Waiting Areas
Office storage

4. Shopping services for organizational products, if needed and requested.
5. Follow up meeting to ensure service has met your needs.
6. Tips and support to keep you on track.

What you can expect to pay:
A small area may only take one session, while larger projects can take multiple sessions. I charge an hourly rate with a 3 hour minimum. We will discuss cost in more detail during the free initial 30 minute phone consultation.