Before & After

Here are some simple examples of de-cluttering and organizing.
These same principles apply from the smallest details to the largest projects.

Linen Closet 

This linen closet had so many items piled in haphazardly that it made finding anything quite time consuming. How many areas of your home or office suffer from similar chaos? By identifying like-items and keeping them together on the shelves and using containers to house some of the smaller objects, everything is much easier to find and get to. All items which were originally in the closet were either discarded due to lack of use or expired usage dates or they were placed back into the closet. The result? A cleaner and more useable closet.

Bathroom Drawers

The bathroom drawers were unruly and finding anything required lots of effort. Every home or office has similar drawers – made nearly useless by clutter. By discarding items which could no longer be used, rearranging items between different drawers and using a kitchen utensil tray (no longer used in the kitchen) we were able to make everything easy to find. By cleaning out and organizing drawers, shelves, cabinets and files, any space can be made clean and useable.