Dragonfly Organizing Solutions

Let Us Come to You!

If you’re like any of us at Dragonfly Organizing Solutions, then you understand how frustrating a messy home can be. When you are living the single life or are a busy parent with rambunctious children, keeping the house clean and tidy is often a last minute thought. It is for those reasons that this company was created. Based out of Jersey City, New Jersey and founded by the amazing, Wendy Mody, our goal is to provide friendly and efficient services for those looking for year round spring cleaning. The beauty of Dragonfly is that we’re entirely mobile, making our services accessible for those that have difficulty getting out of the house. After the initial consultation, which is free, we’ll then go over a list of different designs and products for you to choose from.


  • Free initial in home consultation
  • Measures for closets and rooms
  • Product lists from reliable, well constructed companies
  • Configured design layouts or custom to your specifications
  • Payment plans and special financing options
  • Discounts for customers wanting organization done in two full sized rooms or more

These services range in price depending on what needs to be done. We can do little projects from closets to entire homes. Our large team of friendly, detail oriented specialists, strive on making your house as organized as it can be. Dragonfly Organizing Solutions is a heartfelt company, inspired by Wendy Mody after her mother became paralyzed from the waist down. Mother Mody struggled to keep her house clean and organized, as it wasn’t designed for wheelchair accessibility. Wendy would go over every week and clean it for her and from then on, knew how important it was that there be a service for people in her position. Of course, Dragonfly works with any and all families but for those with disabilities, we offer a special price and in some cases, will even do the work for free. We are a proud business, dedicated to making a real change in as many communities as we can reach.

If you are curious to learn more about what we offer or how our charity works and if you qualify for it, we encourage you to check out the About Me page to find our contact information. Don’t go another day in clutter and chaos. Choose a company to help you through it, a company that cares and understands that sometimes, life can get messy.